Thousands of people are showing interest in Construct Nigeria Expo Abuja 2020 on a weekly basis. Construct Nigeria Expo will host over 150,000 participants from 14 countries and Millions of Dollars in Business deals are sealed at Construct Nigeria Expo every year.

Why then do I need a marketing strategy for my exhibition booth?

You have just invested or about to invest substantial money, resources, and time to exhibit at the Construct Nigeria Expo Abuja 2020, and there will be over 200 exhibitors with the same thing:

  1. Endless booth with backdrops,
  2. Videos screens of all sizes,
  3. Sales and marketing representatives competing for attention,
  4. Heaps of catalogue of promotional products and/or services,

To make the most out of your massive investment, you need to do your best to STANDOUT instead. A winning exhibition strategy includes Pre-show buzz for your booths but the challenge is that many other companies are also promoting their booths that means you need to  STAND OUT with yours.

Let’s get on to the marketing strategy that will make you stand out.

  • Pre-expo buzz that works:  

Relevant hashtags: Make sure you are participating with the expo hashtags to be heard in the digital conversation. The hashtags for this particular expo are:





Publish a poll on social media: Publish a poll on social media. A “Yes” and “ No” question like “Are you planning on attending Construct Nigeria Expo Abuja 2020?” gets your buyers thinking about your expo and your participation in it. (And yes! you have also identified potential visitors to target.)

  • Announce  promotional contests: Magnet a large number of visitors to your booth to enter a promotional code or whatever they need to cash in on their winnings in person – Make sure it’s an actual prize, not T-shirts or Swag Bags  (that they could get at any of the other booths at the expo).
  • Email Engagements: (Wait! Before you scroll past this,  you can use this for your social media marketing) Here is your chance to engage your current and former clients as well as other contacts you have . Strategically plan a series of email blast (or amazing captions for your social media marketing) announcing your companies presence at the Construct Nigeria Expo Abuja 2020.

Many exhibitors’  efforts fall short because of their inability to maximize  traffic and engagements. Remember, millions of dollars in business deals are sealed at Construct Nigeria Expo and it all starts with your company drawing a plan to maximize the traffic flow and standing out.


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